A Sunday morning….


a peaceful morning on the water….


Just him and I….its been a long time since we’ve spent time quietly on a boat like this:

IMG_1737  I’m not really interested in fishing, but I love looking….at the reflections….

IMG_1765 And whatever else I might see….



I found myself able to concentrate….  I could sit and sketch, peacefully, and actually spent over an hour (maybe it was 2 hours)  drawing a landscape.  Loved this…..the end product doesn’t really matter, I just loved the ability to leisurely build a picture, mark by mark.  


It was such a good satisfying thing….this doodling, but the focus and concentration were even more entrancing.   On the boat, its easy.  The trick is to find this vibe in daily life.   I want to go to this place more often…..

But I expect I’ll continue getting lost in the details of daily life….thankfully I have this summer of “fishing” with Jeff  on quiet mornings, and also vacations at the lake as  destinations when time stands still and concentration comes easy.  

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