Mouse troubles….



I just want to know why, why am I so creeped out by these little varmints.   I can handle spiders and snakes….but a mouse….oh my! 

We’ve had a couple of mice take up residence in our basement this spring.  I can tell that they are present by the behavior of Missy Bibby…mouser queen of the kingdom.  She hangs out down there, just watching and listening.   Biding her time, waiting for the opportune moment to pounce.  And pounce she does….and plays….on the steps….with the poor little mouse.  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad she gets them, but I do have a little bit of remorse about their final moments. 

So back to the creeped out part.  One day last spring, I’m carrying a one ton box of glass down the steps when I see Bibbs with a mouse.  I heave myself and the box of glass right around, go back up the steps,  and yell for help….my SIL, Capri L was visiting.  As you may know, she is a close relative of both Dr. Doolittle and James Herriot.  She picked up the little baby mouse, pet it and said to me, “They really are quite sweet, Debbie”.    I just stared and watched her carefully set it down on the grass.  Maybe they are, but I could not dig up any benevolent feelings towards it. 

The next day, the last little baby mouse met its demise under my guard.  (Insert evil laugh.)   It was poking its “sweet” little head out from under the coat closet.  Bibbs and Marlo were standing guard right there.  I somehow managed to think clearly long enough to grab the broom as my weapon.   Phew, that was a close one….the first mouse that ever made it upstairs.   CREEPY!!!!! 

That’s the end of the mouse problem of 2010. 

2011 brought another “litter”.  Bibbs was aware immediately, and she was successful with her surprise tactics.  I think one of my main concerns is what she will do with the mouse once she has “finished” with it.  The thought of my sweet little kitty eating that varmint was more than I could imagine.  I also didn’t want to step on a squishy dead thing, or have any little gifts on my bed, or….or…..  I have visions of seeing a mouse in between the sheets….almost as bad as “The Godfather” movie! 

Well, let me tell you that I LOVE that cat.  I’ve talked about how she “drowns” my pieces of felt and fabric in the water bowl.  Three guesses….I bet you where this is going…….she neatly disposes of her carnage by dropping it in the toilet.   I do LOVE that cat.   Flush……..

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  1. That story made me laugh — you do have a way with words!! Some critters a really cute, FROM A DISTANCE: mice fit into that catergory.

  2. We have self drowning mice at our cottage. If they get in in winter, they try to drink from the toilet, and that’s the end. Antifreeze.

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