The class reveal….


jYes, I just finished up grouting my classes’ mosaics, and a couple of my own.  Its a gorgeous day to take on this chore, mildly warm and sunny…

They turned out really nice…..

I think everyone will be happy with their efforts!

And without further adieu….

Here are 3 with white grout:


Three with black grout:


And the last one….with brown grout:fIMG_9899

Next time I offer this class, I will make  a couple of changes.  First, extend the class time just a little….we found deciding on a color scheme and pattern could have taken a little longer for comfort.  And I will add a second week…for grouting.    

I love the color blocked effect of all of them…a patchwork quilt of glass.

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  1. Hi Pat, Glad you enjoyed the class! Yes, I will offer the class with a grouting session a week later in September.

  2. I loved the class & I’m pleased with my picture frame. I would love to take the class again & learn how to grout & finish it. I hope you offer that option…The girls I came with would like that also…

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