Musical Chair Painting!



The annual Baggette Extravaganza took place at Kat’s cottage, on the shores of  Lake Huron.   The weather was perfect….mild and sunny.  We started out on Wednesday, managing to extend the 3 hour trip into 6.5 hours with plenty of stops.   Then when we arrived we took over Kat’s place with our stuff…sewing machines, boxes of fabric, paints, etc….

The first project was a collaborative project we call “Musical Chair Painting”….it was so much fun!  Kat brought along a large canvas, primed with gesso.  We each took our spot, chose a palette of 3 colors  and started painting.   Then after a few minutes (when the song changed), we moved over to the next spot and, using our same colors, continued painting on our neighbors corner.   We traveled around the table, painting on everyone’s canvas a couple of times, adding new colors to our palettes as needed.  Then the last couple rounds, we used black and white only.    In the end, the canvases were very different, and rich with color and texture…. I love mine! 

 IMG_9795 IMG_9796 IMG_9797 IMG_9798

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  1. I might have to take photos, but that would be a good idea. It was so much fun, and truly anyone could do this….!

  2. Can we see photos of everyones completed project?? It sounds like really great fun for a group of really talented ladies. Where did the name “Baggettes” come from??

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