Feels like Monday…..


Hope you all had a good weekend.  Mine was spent quietly….Jeff was in Florida on a fishing expedition.    I was busy…but the mornings and evenings were gloriously quiet.   A little alone time is good, but so different….glad Jeff will be arriving home tonight!  I missed him! 

Here are a few things I completed during the weekend (and earlier in the week too.)….

IMG_9790This is a piece that will be in at 212 Arts Center during the month of June.  Its part of the annual
Earth Challenge, with this years theme being Microscopic Art Forms of the Plant World.  The show has nearly 40 pieces on display, in many different mediums. 

For my entry, I was inspired by a drawing of Red Algae cells. 

I also finished a new cross:


What I can’t capture is the  shiny black glass that reflects back light and shadows….this cross swirled with dancing light from waving branches. 

And here is a little mirror….”Fresh as a Daisy”…..


Thanks for checking in….and now its my turn to go out of town for a few days.  Going on the annual Up North Artmaking  Retreat with my Baguette’s.  I’m taking fabric for a purse or two, zipper pin supplies,  embroidery….and a journal and reading material…..

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  1. Love your microscopic challenge. Glad to know it will be with me for a while. What a fun challenge it has been. Have fun up north.

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