….I’ve been unhappy with the presentation of my brooches on their cards, time for a upgrade.    And I’ve pondered ALOT about what to do….

Simple is always best, so I’m sticking with the obvious….my name and a way to contact me:, which brings you right here to this place….the blob.  Maybe someday I will have a real website, but in the meantime this will be the place that showcases my work, provides an easy link to see more of my work at flickr, and serves as a contact point.   It certainly is easy for me to keep things updated, whereas a website may not be.  I kind of like the friendly atmosphere of a blog,  those interested can get to know me and my story…….

So…tada… is my new card:

IMG_9765Subtle….let’s the pin be the focal point.

The font, up close….and fuzzy:


But I really like the surprise image when the pin is removed:

IMG_9766derived from this photo………..IMG_9568

This presentation is so ME, don’t you think!  Flower photos, behind flower pins…yes it works great.  Now I can switch flower backgrounds on my whim….maybe with the seasons.   Something useful  for the bulging and ever growing flower and foliage files. 

Many thanks goes to Keith McGuire for the design and layout work. 

Now back to work….a batch of zipper pins.  Have a good day…. 

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  1. What a loverly idea. Once again, your creative juices have found the perfect answer.

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