Spruce sprouts: IMG_9735

The fern garden:


Naturalized delphinium:

IMG_9727 Solomon’s Seal and its delicate blooms:

IMG_9729Did you spend the weekend outside too? 

I planted my small vegetable garden and most of my window boxes.  Also hung  ferns on the porches this year:



Trying to keep it simple….nine window boxes this year, plus the ferns and a few pots.   Yes,   a little less than past years…but still,


5 responses »

  1. Beautiful, as always. We are weeks behind you, of course, so I am enjoying your yard from here.

  2. Luciously Delicious!!!
    Still waiting for The Boy to bring the pots out of the shed. He MUST do it today so I can plant before I LEAVE!!!!!
    A hose reel too!
    Your spruce is bursting!

  3. Yummy! What is the purple leaved thing growing with the Delphinium? Smoke tree?

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