Mosaics this week

I’ve been working on a couple of larger mosaics that I can’t show you yet.  But while working on these larger pieces I like take a break and work on something that gives immediate gratification,  clears away some of the glass scraps, or tries out an idea on a small scale. 

So the premise on this small mirror is to work on the radial cuts required for circles….sort of random results but who’s looking for perfection?  I like wonky, but practice makes perfect….IMG_9714

A small mirror using scraps too interesting to cut up:

IMG_9720 And the first of a series of crucifixes:



7 thoughts on “Mosaics this week”

  1. Aunt Debbie, you are just SO talented- I love looking at all your new material. I may have to commission you to make something for my place in North Carolina- once I get it, that is!

  2. I like instant gratification, too!! The crucifix is beautiful.
    I put my mosaic stuff out in the “studio” but haven’t had an opportunity to get started on any projects.

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