Parts of a Whole


On Saturday evening, Jeff and I attended a special event:  The opening reception of Leann, Lynn and Joan’s assemblages entitled:  Parts of a Whole

I loved this show so very much for three reasons:

1.  These are good friends who I wanted to congratulate on their awesome work.  The show was the culmination of months of hard work.  What a pleasure to view it!  

2.  This was the first opening reception I have ever attended that included an “Artist’s Talk”.  Each of them gave a brief commentary on the meaning and process of their work.  The talks were wonderful.  Even though I am very familiar with their styles, genres and mediums, I came away with a deeper appreciation and understanding.  

3.  I discovered a new art gallery in my area….Art and Ideas Gallery.   Its seems to be a very friendly place with much to offer….classes, workshops, community… 

See Leann’s photos, because even though I brought my camera, evidently I was too preoccupied to actually use it! 

Parts of a Whole will be at the gallery until July 2.  Hope you can go enjoy it…three distinct styles of assemblage….all making statements that are a feast for the eyes and the mind. 

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