Black on black…..


So elegant, whatever the season!

IMG_9540 The buttons on the top two are lovely victorian carved glass….

And another  favorite of mine is this rose zipper brooch….

IMG_9549 We’ve been working on spring cleanup…laying sod…..spreading mulch….prettying things up for the PARTY this weekend!  What teamwork went on….6 yards of mulch in one evening.   I’m good and tired, but happy have the spring work done so early in the season.  

We are having a party…lots of people coming in from out of town, lots of  good friends, and young people…can’t wait for the fun to start!   Just hoping for a warm sunny weekend! 

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  1. Yes…two daughters graduating at the same time is an excellent excuse for a party, I think!

  2. Can’t wait to see everyone and celebrate the Girlies!
    Yes, let’s pray for good weather!!! It will make it easier on your house!

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