This morning Bibbs and I were watching this  squirrel, trying to get to the suet feeder:


I know, not a very good photo…I pulled up the blinds, slowly, to get a closer look:

IMG_9518I think he is holding on to the edge of the roof with the tips of his little nails.  I was cracking up, and Bibbs tail was going crazy….he was so entertaining

IMG_9523To eat, he’ had to let go…and just swing with the breeze…

As I’m clicking away,  a hummingbird just happened to fly in to see what the excitement was about:

 IMG_9524 And then he was gone! 

Hummingbird caught on camera….rare.  Hummingbird in April…never seen before, at least by me!   On closer inspection, I stand corrected….that’s a chickadee.  He sure did act like a hummingbird…maybe Kat is right,  its a Hummadee!

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  1. Squirrels in Florida are skinny. It’s not right.
    Bless his little squirrely heart, he’s a DOER!

  2. We watch the (many) squirrels here perform amazing acrobatic feats as well. They are certainly persistent!

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