Whadda weekend!


We are sitting here with full bellies, happy hearts and weary bodies.   What a busy few days we had.  First, on Wednesday evening we left for Georgia.  Thursday afternoon, we bought a boat down there.  Friday we drove back home…with our new fishing boat:  MsElaineous, or MisElaineous (which spelling do you like?  Do you have a better spelling?), She’s named in honor of d’mama (Jeff’s mom), who passed away in December.  Wouldn’t d’mama be amused!

IMG_1070 We are boat people, but in recent years- without a boat. 


We spent many weekends, when the kids were just young’ns fishing, skiing, exploring…we really loved it.  Then the kids got older, busier….so we sold the last of the boats (another Grady) over 10 years ago.    Ha, the time has come around again….we’ll MAKE the time to be out on the water again.  And we’re passing the tradition on to another young’n:


He is ready and waiting…..

IMG_1109Also being Easter Sunday, and a beautiful sunny weekend….we had an easter egg hunt (the first ever, I do believe)  in the backyard. 


We also managed to eat more than our healthy share of Easter treats:

IMG_9500And we all enjoyed a little R & R….


It was a good weekend here….and SPRING really feels like it has arrived.  YIPPPEEEE!

IMG_1095(My friend Mary’s little granddaughter…with Mr C.)

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  1. Mr C is adorable! He looks like he’s almost ready for kindergarten. The boat’s nice too. You’ll have so much fun.

  2. I was Thinkin’ “Miss-Elaine-eous”
    in the same color and font as the grady white logo.
    but I’m open for suggestions.
    What a great weekend and I can’t wait to have a 3 generation fishin trip

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