Here and now:



With up to  4 inches in the forecast! 

This isn’t the worst spring  snowstorm we’ve had, as here’s one I found….6 inches in May!

Spring Snowstorm – May 9, 1923

An extremely unusual weather event occurred across lower Michigan during the afternoon of May 8, 1923. A very powerful cold front swept across the state, dropping temperatures from noon readings in the 60’s to the lower 30’s by six o’clock. Remarkably, a rain/snow mix was observed, with reports of up to an inch of accumulation reported. However, the following day saw a storm developing in Ohio, stuck between the cold air across Michigan and the warm air across the Ohio Valley. The result was very heavy snow across lower Michigan, much of which fell during the afternoon hours. Even the strong May sun and warm ground could not prevent some of the amazing snow reports that came in. Officially, Detroit recorded 6 inches of snow accumulation. However, around 6-9 inches were recorded just north and west of Detroit, in places like Howell, Ann Arbor, and Port Huron. But even farther north and west, the Flint, Lansing, and Saginaw areas received a foot of snow! This storm caught many by surprise, but caused little damage to property or vegetation. By the evening of May 10, 1923, the snow was just a memory, as all of it had melted. But this storm remains (and will likely remain for quite a while) as the most significant late season snowstorm that lower Michigan has ever witnessed.

I’m taking this day as a blessing(and a privilege) to stay home and finish up a few things.   I just needed a few hours to finish some work, and now I have it! 

Speaking of finishing work, this is how my porch looked yesterday afternoon:


I grouted 9 items out there….made a wonderful mess, but kept warm.

Finished up all the mirrors/picture frames:



And my little flower, which is glass on glass so it really glows when backlit:

IMG_9438Have a good Monday….

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  1. Wasn’t that RIDICULOUS! Snow on April 18 is wrong on so many levels.
    Snow on the blooming forsythia is just sad.

    You put the day to very good use.I agree with Kat and Leann, grout makes the mosaics special, special!

  2. Flower looks lovely, as do the other mosaics. It’s amazing how grout enhances the colors. Good spot to work.

  3. Mosiacs are awesome, especially the glass on glass flower!!! Imagine the forsythia blooming in the snow!!! You must be further south, my forsythia has enough sense to not be in bloom !:) Gail

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