Making a mess….


Spring and summer of 2010 came and went in a flash….Jeff’s mom’s failing health, moving my parents into their condo, and my little trip to operating room were at the top of our lists.  But THIS YEAR, we are getting an early start at some neglected gardening chores….ripping up the rock path on the south side of the house… its place will be a cool, inviting and shady planting of grass from the left path edge to the house.  Thank you God for some normalcy, and the chance to get these things done! 


And we’re moving those big flat  rocks over to the center area of the yard, so we can redo the rock wall that borders the area near the firepit.  

IMG_9422  So I’ve been moving plants, Jeff’s been moving rocks and dirt.  The yard is not a pretty sight right now….just a muddy, messy construction site! 

While we are messing about in the yard, Missy Bibby is waiting (not so patiently) for me to get the mosaics-in-waiting-for-grout out of her way.  They are interrupting her regularly scheduled viewing of Cat TV…and her favorite show “Criminal Cat Mind”.  

IMG_9426I also managed to finish up this happy little flower….inspired by a card received from a friend:

IMG_9423Another mosaic-in-waiting….

Oh and one more thing:  Colton was over yesterday, we were outside.  I pointed to a bird very nearby and said:  “Look Colton, a birdie!”.   He replied to me “That’s a robin, Grammie”

I don’t remember my kids knowing that when they were just 2. 

Have a good day……enjoy Spring!

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  1. Love the flower!
    I’m thinking of cementing my rock edging too… that’ll be a big job!

  2. Actually, Laurie, it might! We are thinking of cementing in the rock wall…can’t get away from it!

  3. Your backyard looks like a mosaic in progress. Aren’t you glad it won’t need grout!!!!

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