New mosaics….


I’ve finished two mirrors:



And a button mirror.   This one was quite the challenge to grout:

IMG_9414 croppedOn Friday, after we returned from  the Toledo Museum of Art,  these three young ladies sat around the table making mosaics.    Jackie, Alison and  Alicia…..

  IMG_9402 IIMG_9401


These girls were right at ease making these frames, and they all have a great sense of color.  As they should….Of course Jackie has had some practice, I have a couple of her  mosaics hanging in the house.  Alison is a professional photographer/graphic designer, and Alicia is a painter.  What a great day, going to the  museum with them and then mosaic-ing.   Alicia is just graduating from Eastern with a major in Art History….she had knowledge and opinions (and perhaps what I most admired, the words to describe them) at the museum.  I really enjoyed my time with these girls. 

5 responses »

  1. LOVE!
    Love the mosaics and even more… love that the girls are getting right into it with you.
    I do need to try more stuff with tiles…

  2. Your newest creations are absolutely gorgeous: the red is so vibrant and the button mirror is too cute for words. Once again, your creativity amazes me.

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