Potent Quotable-4/10/11


Live in the Room

that is OPEN.

a Room

that has eyes

that hears and feels and breathes

beyond our reach

within our grasp.

-Animah Robinson,

I went to the Toledo Museum of Art on Friday.  My most favorite exhibit was the extraordinary set of  10 “books” by Animah Robinson, made for her son to honor his college graduation.   The book collection is called:  “The Ragmud Collection”….why Ragmud?  Because the books are made of Rags and Mud but also paintings, applique, buttonwork and found objects.  They tell the stories of her life, and the stories that were passed down to her.  The books are amazing in their details, uniqueness, and expression.  They are oversized, often with smaller books within the larger books, they expand with pull out flaps, they incorporate puppets and dolls.  Most have ornate wraps or sculptures to encase them, too.  They are filled with her stitches, paintings and bits and pieces of her life.   

Unfortunately, today is the last day of this exhibit.  I am so glad I was able to experience it.  What  I found most inspiring is her dedication to her own very unique genre throughout her life, she thought and created according to her own inner voice.  Her stories are so personal, yet they carry a message….a dose of wisdom for all ages.  

Do check out her website, you will not be disappointed.  Animah’s  World.

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