Teaching a class…


I have an opportunity to teach a fun basic mosaic making class at Art is In Market.  After pondering the details, I have a solution…..mosaic mirrors/picture frames. 

Gail, Kat and Nan were over yesterday and kindly pretended to be beginners.  Class was in session and they were exemplary students!  This teacher is much appreciative of their input and efforts. 

We completed these frames to use as class samples……


Of course, I will grout them once dry…as I will for my “official” students too.   We worked out of a large bowl of tiles, lots of color choices.  It will be a fun class! 

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  1. You taught me the ropes! I just wish you could teach me your creativity, that’s where I struggle the most!! I don’t have the Artist’s EYE!!!
    You will make a fine instructor!!!

  2. TEACHER, TEACHER!! I am in the back of the room, waving my hand madly. Please let me play too!!! Seriously, your students did a fine job and I’m certain your class will be fun. Just consider the number of your friends and family who have learned to play with broken glass and love it.

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