to my closet!

I am so happy with this little mosaic  space…..

Are you ready…..

As we walk through the guest room, we approach the open closet door:


Go ahead, open the door….and look to the left.  You’ll see half of the space:


Now to the right, for the other half of my worktable:IMG_9350

Go ahead, look underneath…lots of storage space:



  Now, back up for  head-on look-see.  The dimensions of this closet are 4 feet deep by 5 feet wide.  So  my worktable is 5 feet wide….and 20 inches deep.   Plenty big for anything I’ve tackled so far.

And its a little higher than table height, so I can stand up and cut glass.   Speaking of cutting glass, its nice that any flying shards will be contained in this small space, and easy to clean up.  IMG_9348  If you could see over your shoulder, you’d love the  large window letting in plenty of sunshine.  

Truth be told, I do have some extraneous glass stored in the basement.  Its handy, if I should have a need for it.  And my drawers of little doodads (beads, cabochons, etc, etc)  are still in my sewing room.  Those are for both fiber and mosaic, so they are good where they are. 

The real test will be getting to work in here.   Just need my iPod, some inspiration photos on the wall,  and maybe a more comfortable chair. 

I am quite happy with using this space for a purpose, rather than just “storage”….making the most of it!  

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  1. Just get one of those comfy anti fatigue standing mats. I just read that mosaic artists stand up most of the time!

  2. ” flying shards will be contained in this small space”

    VERY smart idea!!!!
    Love it muchly! I predict you will be a very busy kitty in there!

  3. Harry Potter was never very happy with his closet under the stairs — it’s nice to see that someone can be so pleased with closet space like yours.

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