The continuing saga….

of the musical studio chairs.   Or…

Making room where there is none. 

I have a wonderful studio space in my home.  Its a large sunny converted bedroom, and its all mine.  I love it.  But there are limitations as to what it can support.  It has finite square footage. 

I’ve been trying to meld cutting glass and fabric, gluing glass, sewing fabric into this space.  They are not playing well together.  They must be separated.  Not surprisingly, I’m having a bit of trouble, my house is not that large.   

Sooooo….this weekend was spent in a major cleanout and house reorganization.  I am converting the guest room walk-in closet into my mosaic room.  Its compact and clean and bright and holds all my stuff.   It just needs a little carpentry work  (thanks, dear sweetie of mine….. Jeff).   Then I will be able to unveil my cozy little space. 

Have a good Monday!


5 thoughts on “The continuing saga….”

  1. You have the wrong picture…the room is intact, waiting for you! And maybe someday, the guestroom will be Jackie’s old room. You’ll have a little more space!

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