A gift


that I love

for its functionality

and cheerfulness…..A beautiful border print maybe a little reminiscent of my flower pins….


I am partial to aprons….and wear them often. 

Practical too.  The prints will hide the stains! 


This one is reversible.

And look at the detail on the pockets….pompom trim

IMG_8998 Fussy cut fish…..


Flowers and fish….I think she knows me…I feel like a kid with a favorite shirt, don’t want to take it off. 

McCall’s pattern M6300…

Thank you Gail!

I’m curious, who likes and would wear an apron?????

6 responses »

  1. ME!!!! I always wear one when I’m cooking….and when I’m eating. I’m messy!

  2. I was never much of an apron wearer in my younger days, but now it seems I’m much messier, so aprons are a wonderful thing. They say we sort of revert to our childhood when we get older, does that include bibs (aka aprons)?

  3. That is DARLING!!!! Gail you are SO talented! Love that it is reversable. Also that it is multi colored, I have seen some aprons I would be afraid to cook in!

    She does know you well, fish and flowers, right up your alley!
    That fitch could be right out of your pond!

    Honey wears an apron or else he ruins every article of clothing he owns. I only wear one when doing hair, but I do have one that was made by a woman I used to work with at the bank. She gave it to me as a wedding gift, it has geese on it! Sadly, she passed away a couple of years later.

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