Its late February and the day I’ve been waiting for was here…..

The sun shone brightly and warmed up the porch enough to sit without a blanket and portable heater!   I had the urge to bask in this warmth….just like Marlo:IMG_8836

But first, background info:  I have saved a collection of children’s books, and am always looking for a new one to add to the shelf.    Patrice and I were talking about our love of beautifully illustrated children’s books during our Northville excursion.  She mentioned that she collects books with handmade quilts as the theme and graciously lent me a tote bag full to look over……..

Today was the perfect day, sitting in the warm sunshine,  I started with this pile.  Really was a memorable way to celebrate this sunny Saturday in February. 

IMG_8839In another post soon, I will list these books….I think you will like them too!  

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  1. Dooley did the same thing. I had to go looking for him and found him in the foyer laying in a sun patch. Such sweethearts! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the picture of Marlo. I’ve had two goldens – Bo and Josh and love all golden retrievers – great company for reading, too.
    If you haven’t heard of “It’s a Book” by Lane Smith – hope you add it to your pile – picture book and fun to read – at any age.

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