What’s the Doings?


February is a busy month….lots of number crunching to do.


But, this week was filled with a NUMBER of other wonderful artistic excursions. 

Thursday night I got together with friends to drink a little wine, talk a little art, and keep the hands busy while doing the above,  at the bar.  

Leann set us up with the craft of the evening….black and white thread, black and white  felt, scissors and needles. 

It was fun for us and the other patrons to see us girls stitching away….coming up with some rather unconventional (of course) and interesting results:

Janice’s….looking like an industrial building in Detroit:

DSCN1470 Peggy’s mermaid:

DSCN1472Leann’s happy skull, using her much admired chain stitch fill in:DSCN1469And my whatever…thinking GRID….result: oil rig platform….…..DSCN1467On Friday, my friend and neighbor Patrice and I wandered and lunched in Northville.  It was a sunny afternoon, and it felt so good to be out and about.  We meandered through the different galleries and the Northville Art House….

Both of these outings were great medicine for the winter blahs and recharging the creative batteries.     Highly recommended……get yourself on a  field trip! 

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  1. No hint in advance, Laurie….one time Leann asked us to bring markers but usually we keep the supplies pretty simple and not messy….want to be welcome back!

  2. My first thought would have been piano keys, not exactly sure how I would have progressed after that thought though… Sounds like a lot of fun, pretty sure that it wouldn’t work with mosaics though.

  3. What a wonderful idea: “The Craft of the Evening”. Is it a surprise or do you have a hint in advance? It must really get some creative juices going! If someone gave me that assignment, my first thought would be of a nun — does that tell you anything?!?!?

  4. This looks like fun! Where did you lunch in Northville? I love lunching in Northville…anywhere.

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