Quotations are sometimes valuable pearls,


but original thoughts can be priceless treasure.
-Author unknown

And sometimes quotations help inspire a stream of original thought, provide a jumping off point.  Sometimes quotations will open my eyes, or my heart, or help me see something with humor. 

Several have asked where I find my quotes.  No secrets here.  I will share with you, and maybe you can add to my list, too.   Most of the sites were found with a google search of “quotations”, or “inspirational quotations”.   

I keep a quotations file on my computer, and often add to it….when I come across a good quote, I grab it. 

So here goes, this is my current resource list, use a key word search once you get to one of these sites:

World of Quotes

The Quotations Page


Wisdom Quotes

The Quote Garden

Brainy Quote

An excellent place for art related quotes is here:

 Robert Genn’s Painter’s Keys Quotes

Do you have a favorite quote source?  Please do tell….I will add it to the list. 

Yesterday, we celebrated my mom’s 79th birthday.  The family gathered together, and we had a great time, especially Mom…. 


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  1. Thanks for listing your sources. I don’t have a blob but sometimes you need some meaty words to chew on.

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