February Robins



How I wish I had a photo.  It happened so fast.

I saw a flock of robins in the late afternoon today.  They were in our front yard, in our bushes, on our porch and munching on holly berries.   They cleaned all the berries off the holly in a minute.  Maybe it was my imagination, but they seemed frantic.   Bibbs and I watched them from the window…..

Then, many more joined them and they flew into the trees in the distance….many many of them, I’m guessing 100 or more.     What will they eat the rest of the  winter?     

Here’s a little information about robins in winter.  

Its snowing steady…….

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  1. I have found a satisfying activity in mosaics, love the color, working with shapes, and using odd materials…thanks to your introduction, teacher!

  2. Did you ever think you would be addicted to another hobby when you started mosaics? Your bird is great along with all your picture frames. I could do a plain white one now to go with my yard! 20 from the blizzard and another 4 in this morning.

  3. I like your robin. I finished a hummingbird mirror for Krystyn — I’ll download it off my camera and show you one of these days. I think birds are sort of hard to do!!!

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