Mosaics on Monday


I’m finishing up all the mosaics started last week.  This one is awaiting pickup from the customer—yes, another special order!  The small dark colored bits are mirror…silver mirror, which really add some sparkle but don’t show up in this photo. 

47Starfish Mirror

I’m completing several photo frames, and was looking in my desk drawers for interesting paper to place in the photo area.  But while in Barnes and Noble, I found a lovely book in the clearance section:  Birds in Love!  Its pages are filled with beautiful photography.  So, for $2 I have many many cool photos to fill the frames:

IMG_0637This frame uses white iridized tiles, and mirror tiles, which  seem to be a favorite lately.  Can you see my reflection on the inner border?  

And I have another photography tip.   Mosaics and the cameras flash don’t mix well….blinding reflections and highlights, yikes!  Using white paper, or cardstock, angle it in front of  the flash….to deflect the light.  Put on your sunglasses before looking at the photo taken without the white paper deflector:


Have a good Monday….

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  1. Isn’t it amazing what light can do! I like the feeling of the darker photo, but I get a better idea of the actual mosaics in the lighter one. Glad you posted both.

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