January is winding down….


and therefore, the end of mosaic push month!  So, pushing I am……..Sunday was a good day to get to work on some mosaics. 

Something clicked in this brain, too.  Why not make it easy.   If that large window that I wanted to do is not happening, for whatever reason……SO WHAT!!!!!

I simply started…. EIGHT mosaics….some more involved, some are  just simple picture frames. 

I worked one at a time, one idea….glued the tiles down, laid it by the heat duct to expedite drying….and started the next one.    Like eating potato chips!   All of the fun, none of the calories…

One rule, no cutting glass, used glass tiles only. 

Most of the 8 have plenty of empty space to fill in, but starting is always the hurdle to get over.

Maybe not my best work…..but its work!   We’ll see how they turn out……

IMG_0560Have a great day!

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