Clean out week….


Those 3 Salmon patties nobody wanted, 1/3 bag of frozen french fries, freezer burnt periogi, a can of fruit cocktail, a bag of frozen crystallized broccoli, two boxes of rice a roni, the dregs of the applesauce jar—all gone.   Some eaten up, some too far gone to be consumed. 

It took a group of 11 of us to complete this weeks goal of clearing out the freezers, pantry and refrigerator. 

The family came over tonight for this meal: 

Beef tenderloin*

Shrimp Cocktail*

Mushrooms and Onions

Baked Potatoes

Dill Pickles*




Cherry Pie a la mode

****Starred items were hangers on from the past ???year???, the holiday celebrations, and from d’mama’s  pantry, too.   The beef was really, really good, despite the date on the label.  I know you are thinking, how could she have let that meat stay in the freezer for so long.   It needed a special occasion and a crowd that never transpired, until today.  I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Roasted Tenderloin.    Melt in your  mouth!      

We had fun evening.  Seems one of the favorite things to do in our house after a family dinner is watch youtube videos on the tv.  Tonight’s entertainment was 4 wheel drive jeeps and such rolling down mountains, or flipping over, or some similar thing.  Everybody laughs, but mostly we enjoyed Colton’s reaction.  

No photos taken tonight….

Christmas 009 But this could have been taken today, or any other day he’s over.  He sure does love his  books!  And I like reading to him, maybe just a little bit.

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