The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson



I am so darn lucky to have this wonderful group of women to count as my friends.  We are the Baguette’s.  As in beautiful cut diamonds.  Sometimes we call ourselves the Bag Ladies.  We carry in lots of bags, as in containers carrying yarn, fabric, glass but occasionally there is the  emotional baggage that needs unpacking, too.  

All my friends are talented creative artistic.  We do know each other quite well.  After all, we have been getting together for 10 years, every other week.  When we meet at each other’s houses, we always bring something to work on.  Sometimes we also collaborate on a project.  We often bounce ideas off of each other, ask for input, and there might be a little laughing and joking going on too.  

Today,  I was working on this mosaic…..

IMG_0545When  finished it will be the top of an ornamental box….I have a special assignment planned for this piece. 


Yes….my home has jewels as its ornaments!

Hope your’s does too….


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  1. Ornaments, jewels, all precious! I recognize quite a few of those gals!

    Thanks for telling the definition of the name. I always thought it stood for the bread!!!! Yours is WAY better!

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