Key mosaics



My father-in-law made these heart shapes back in the 80’s.  They were in the garage up north for almost 30 years.  Sister Laurie gave them to me, hoping I would find a use for them……


These are made with Valentine’s Day in mind…..looking in the mirror, the recipient will know they hold the key to your heart…sticky sweet sentimentality.    

The keys were a flea market find……….. and the vintage ones are beautiful.   Check out the one below, …..B9…..rhymes with….Be Mine!

IMG_0525The one below is all mirror… shattered reflection……


What I’d really like to make now are square/rectangular  mosaics using  automobile keys, in honor of the Motor City…..  IMG_0524

These hearts are over at Art Is In Market, Livonia……

Have a good Tuesday,


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  1. I WANT MY HEARTS BACK!!!!! Seriously, they are all wonderful and I NEVER would have thought of keys to mosaic. But if I ever have a bunch of keys, I may have to “copy” !!! Or, at least, take inspiration from your work.

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