Bread making adventures…..


Some have asked questions about the bread making…..well, during the first days of January, those cold cold first days of January, I had a dream….(it is MLK day)

A home warmed by a busy kitchen….

And filled with the smell of baking bread….

Myself, peaking into the oven to see a perfectly formed loaf, golden brown….

The sensory pleasure of cutting into a still warm loaf ….

As my family oooohs and ahhhhs over my creation……

Slathering butter, and maybe honey on a slice…..

Sitting down with a cup of tea…..

And enjoying that first delicious bite of the warm, buttered, honeyed, bread. 

As my family bows in respect and admiration for making them so happy.    


As many of you know, I am NOT a baker.  Well, let it be known that bread is the exception….especially with the help of a bread machine!  Ages ago I had a bread machine, and it was used quite a bit.  The new ones are much improved….more settings, the ability to process whole wheat, a better loaf shape.  Mine is a Cuisinart BMKR-200.  The price per loaf right now is quite high, but the satisfaction is priceless. 

Don’t be surprised if you are the victim of one of my experiments.  I will not be eating my own bread, except as much as one needs for nutrition and sustenance.   Yes, indeed…..Deb, repeat that sentence to yourself as every loaf emerges from the oven. 

Here is the results of my weekend experiment…..must learn to roll the cinnamon/raison mixture more tightly…. IMG_0518 But it sure did make delicious french toast:


I have gotten a few oooohs and ahhhhs, but I’m still waiting for the bows of  admiration!

Have a good day,


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  1. I’m bowing, I’m bowing — I’ve fallen!! The French toast looks wonderful — I can almost smell it from here!

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