Thinking about…..


mosaics  today. 

I need a path, a plan, a direction….or else I just wander all over the place. 

So sitting here, working on an excel spreadsheet…..

looking out the horizontal window blinds, at the floorboards, the brickwork, the plaid pattern on the pillow…..

the common thread I see is grids…..


I think I can hang out for a while between the lines and have some fun. 


6 responses »

  1. You are good at this! Woven fabric, woven lives. Maps, neighborhoods, interstates all grids connecting people and places.

  2. Quilt blocks are grids. Mosaics are grids. Stitches are lines, and most intersect. Relationships are intersections of people. Conversations are intersections of ideas. Email is a stitched line between people.

  3. All I ever see is feathers and leaves, itsy bitsy tiny feathers and eensy weensy leaves… SIGH

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