In agreement, wool is fabulous….


Continuing on with a warm wooly theme today, after a gift of 3 inches of snow and cold, cold temperatures outside.  (Could have been worse, as they are experiencing out east!)

I have long been a fan of Odile Gova, proprietor of Woollyfabulous on Etsy.  She works with wool, embroidery and brass zippers.  She has a style and technique that is all hers!  I love what she makes….she has a gift!    

When my friend, Gail, mentioned that an artist who made brooches of felted wool and zippers was featured in the American Patchwork and Quilting , Feb 2011 magazine ….I immediately  knew from  her description who it was……Odile, of course…..


Yesterday, I sat down and tried her technique of installing zipper tape as an edging around wool……

IMG_0480 Much more fiddly than it appears!  Here is my first attempt…..LOL!


Let me say here that I do not want to copy the work of Odile, I want my work to look much different from hers .  But, nonetheless, I am geeked by the idea of incorporating zippers, and maybe even wool balls, cording, a little embroidery, and needle felting into the brooches (embroideries, wall pieces???) I make….and to see where this idea leads me….maybe a dead end….maybe not.  I just want to thank Odile, and give her credit for the wonderful inspiration!  Experimenting with new ideas, and  evolving  are what keeps the brooches interesting, challenging and fun to make. 

I was a little happier with the zipper tape installed around the button of this brooch…..IMG_0475a start.  

Well…..back to mosaics later…..

Have a good day,


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  1. So this is why I’ve been cutting out the zippers (and buttons and hooks and eyes) from my old clothes that were not good enough to donate. I’m a sewing hoarder. I admit it. And I’m glad because every now and then I run into a post like this, and I am inspired! Thank you. Patsye

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  3. I was in the store at the mall today and saw some really pretty pins I liked. There was a real pretty gray one with a pink button-had to rush home and see if it went with any of my clothes. I LOVE them.

  4. I know how much you admired woollyfabulous, how wonderful for Gail to have found the article! Great job, Deb, I love the zipper around the button!

  5. Very cool! I know you’ll come up with your very own, always inspired, Esther Stephania creations… can’t wait to see them.

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