Shopping expeditions…..


with the Capri’s….its one of our favorite activities, and between the holidays we had time together….so we meandered a bit at our favorite stores:

1.  Value World

2.  Value World

3. Value World

and also,

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods

Hobby Lobby, Ikea

Think that about sums it up!

I found good things at the World, and have much work to do to get my finds ready for future brooches and ???????.

I was in line, ready to check out with my 1/2 off coupon with these treasures (wool, of course):


when something caught my eye… sitting in the showcase at the register…..

IMG_0456A GENUINE BaabaaZuzu scarf.  At a much reduced price, with the original tag on it. My scarf, as with all Baabaazuzu items are made from recycled wool sweaters, that are felted, cut apart and sewn back together.  Near and dear to my heart! 

This company was founded by Sue Burns, in Leelanau Michigan.  A  rapidly growing  business here in Michigan,that started with humble homegrown roots.  They now employ two dozen workers in an area that really could use those jobs.  I am such of fan of these products because of their charming looks, the recycling and reuse of old wool, and the contribution to the community. 

Around here,  I know that Baabaazuzu clothing and accessories are carried at Von Maur. 

Getting ready for a some serious snow later today….

Take care,


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  1. What a find. Desi Vaughn is making mittens for Baabaazuz and she loves sewing for them. These scarves sell for $$$ at our store. (I did tell you I have a job, right?)

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