Elaine…just a few thoughts about d’mama


1-11-08 TJ & Ambers Wedding 166

Elaine was so full of life, fun loving, vibrant until the end of her life.  These last couple years she was forced to slow down because of her  health, but still she found joy.   On her last day, Christmas 2010,  she had no strength or breath, but kept her sense of humor and a smile for all who entered her room.   


But what I especially loved about mom was her genuine interest in others.   When I first met her I was very young, and she lured me in with her hospitality, and happy spirit.  One of her most favorite defenses was “I’m not nosy, I’m interested.”  And she was.  She was wise, practical,  always in the moment.  She was bright, quick too.   Sometimes, too quick thinking….we laughed how she was often onto the next question before bothering to listen to your answer to the first one.   She was always up for a new adventure, a chance to meet new people….a genuine extrovert. 

1-11-08 TJ & Ambers Wedding 168

D’mama loved her family.  She raised 6 children in a tiny bungalow house with cheerfulness, love and lots of energy.   The love her children, and grandchildren have for her is so obvious.  What a great family we are, Elaine’s greatest accomplishment.  

4-21-10 005

Elaine taught me much.  I have always admired her confidence, lack of self consciousness, her attitude.  Yes, attitude….a little feisty, sassy, outspoken,  but never cold.    She was a woman of faith in God, but her beliefs are lights not weights….a source of joy not limits.   Over these years, I have come to cherish her more and more, and am so thankful for the opportunity to show her how I felt by being close by while her health declined.  Yes, I have learned much about love and life from Elaine. 

Mom’s spirit lives on in all of us.  She left an indelible impression on our heart’s, minds and souls.   She will never be forgotten, and will be missed. 

Here is her 88th birthday post, with lots of photos:   https://debkolar.wordpress.com/2009/08/04/mis-elaineous/

Thank you all for your kind, consoling words, notes and cards…..



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  1. I’ve popped over from Lisa’s blog. This is another beautiful tribute.

    Your family is in our thoughts and prayers,
    Jill and Nick (Crazy Dog Neighbors)

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  3. Thanks for giving such a joyful description of this very special person. I wish I could have known her. Sorry for her passing but rejoicing in your memories of her that will last forever. M

  4. You have had a lovely relationship with her.she knew you well, as you did her. Blessings to you and yours. Gail

  5. You were SO good to her Deb. A true lesson in caring for those you love because it is the right thing to do.
    Your thoughtfulness, sweetness, attentiveness and willingness to take on the daily nitty gritty of care at the end of her life is an inspiration.
    Continued love and prayers for all of your family.

    Elaine was an ORIGINAL!!! That’s for sure!

  6. That brought many tears but thank you Aunt Deb. Like Kelly you have a wonderful way with words and that was a beautiful tribute.

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