303, 304

Mr C was here for a visit today, and he and I had a little Christmas project to do together:

 IMG_8751 What fun we had….he was an eager participant in decorating this gingerbread man.  This was a little prebaked, ready to decorate guy from Trader Joe’s.  Just right for an almost 2 year olds attention span. 


Gingerbread man was a little tough, but that didn’t seem to matter much…


Seems I’m way behind in the counting up again….

But yes!  I got to stitch…….so very satisfying and just plain makes me happy!

Finished a baby quilt…..

11-30a-10 003

And a new piece of table art….

 11-30a-10 001

I’m hoping to get serious about stitch in January…..the “festive flower brooch season” will be over, and grouting mosaics is difficult in the winter, so guess what’s left! 


1 thought on “303, 304”

  1. The stitching projects are so colorful — love them. But the cutest part of your posting was the gingerbread man and his decorator. As I was scrolling through the pics, I got to the one of Jackie and Colton and one of the “snowflakes” from your blob was right on the tip of Colton’s nose!!!

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