Mosaic, 302


11-30-10 010

Red, sand, amber mirror frame.    I had my first mosaic commission!  A customer who saw a mirror at the store, wanted the same one, but larger.  I was happy to make it, and the customer was very happy with it.  First of many more, I can hope! 

Jeff’s mom is out of the hospital, and in rehab.  She is much weaker, and her breathing is more  labored than before.  She’s very unhappy about being there, and wants the Lord to take her home.  In fact, she is a little upset that He is not answering her prayers.  She says that her worst nightmare has come true, she views this rehab facility as a nursing home.   What positive can come out of this….what blessings???   Well, let me  tell you one or two.  What an  honor to be able to be with her during this trying time, taking care of her, holding her hand, keeping her company.  This is a precious time for us, no doubt about it.    Mom told me today that she was worried that she does not express her appreciation for everything everyone does for her, but I know we all do not feel that way.  She especially meant you, Patrice, for being with her almost 16 hours of each day during her hospital stay. 

She is receiving an outpouring of love and kindness from her family with their prayers, phone calls, visits.  Friends, neighbors, grandchildren….she knows she is loved….isn’t that a wonderful thing to have.  I know when I was sick, what I most remember more than the pain and recuperation was the loving attentions of my circle of family and friends.    I know mom is suffering and this is the most difficult time in her life, but she is supported by those who love her….trying to make these days sweet for her.   Jeff will take her some emails tonight from her friends,  it will help her laugh and smile.  

Maybe these days in rehab will help her gain strength, we can hope.   She’s been there one day, it takes time to  heal and adjust…body, mind and spirit.

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  1. Lovely mirror, made by a lovely lady.

    Praying that your whole family (near and far) feel God wrapping His arms around you as you go through this trial. Praying for strength, comfort, and peace of mind for EEEK as she struggles for health, and for you and Jeff as you so lovingly care for her needs.
    Big hug and kiss.

  2. The mirror is beautiful but its beauty is far surpassed by your sentiments about the blessings to be found in these trying times. As Lisa mentioned, being so far away leaves one feeling a little helpless, but I find comfort in knowing what terrific care , concern and love you all are giving her. This family really is special.

  3. Deb,
    You have the most wonderful outlook on life, I love reading your blog. Best of luck with Jeff’s mom.
    Yes, the mirror is beautiful!

  4. Your mirror is truly lovely!! I am sure it is the start of bigger and better things. You and your family are in my prayers. Gail

  5. Beautiful mirror!

    And I want to thank you and Jeff and everyone else for all that you do for Mom.
    I feel so useless being so far away.
    Please give her hugs and tell her I’ll be up to see her in a couple of weeks!

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