Never too late to be thankful…..


and I am so very thankful for my family who sticks together through thick and thin, good times and bad, when there’s work to be done and when its time to play, for meals and also the cleanup, being willing to give when there is no take.   All the family has rallied to support Jeff’s mom, and my parents too, in the way they are able.   And I am especially thankful for the grandchildren…the love and care they have shown their grandparents is something that makes me so proud and is sweet balm to their grandparents hearts.   I have so many things to be thankful for, but this is topping the list today. 

My MIL is doing much better,  she is eating and laughing and sassing once again.  She will soon be released from the hospital and transferred to a rehab facility for a while to gain some strength…one day at a time….not thinking about the next move yet. 

Our Thanksgiving and weekend was one of constant motion and commotion.  In a good way!  Lots of family, hospital visits, good food.  I participated in a holiday market, and worked at the store.  Never a dull moment, and hardly a moment to sit down.  I am ready for a little R & R, and some good ZZZZZ’s.  Ha! 

Hoping you had a great Thanksgiving weekend, too.  

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