Ready to show……


Here is a before photo of my living room:  Note the red walls, the vertical blinds, and the cushy but so very worn out chairs and ottoman, not to mention the lazy dog hanging out in her favorite spot.

7-21-10 001

I am sort of ready to reveal my humble, but newly refreshed living room….the walls are painted, and I have replaced  furniture, rugs and window treatments.  I still have some details to take care of, but then there are always those…I may never be able to post this if I have to wait until everything is completely done.

11-4-10 016 My walls are now “Bees Wax”.  So warm and cozy and much brighter and cheerier than the deep red. 

11-4-10 020

The rug is one of my favorite things in this room!  Love the colors so much.   (Note Marlo in the exact same spot she was laying in the “before” photo, she is irreplaceable.)

But my absolute most favorite new things in this room are the new chairs:

8-23-10 c 005

They are so comfortable….the backs recline and just pop back up when you sit up.  They are called “press back chairs”, and  I don’t know why they aren’t  more popular.  Our old flower print chairs were press backs too.   That stripe is so perfect…all my colors are in there.  Jeff is particularly happy with the comfort of these….very important. 

11-4-10 013

So purdy! 

And what a difference the new blinds make.  The light is different in the room….the blinds soften the effect of the bright afternoon sun, which is probably good for the  furniture too. 

11-4-10 012

So there you have it.  My next project if converting an old sideboard buffet that’s in the basement to a  TV stand.  I want to paint and antique it….maybe a deep gold, maybe a pottery color, maybe reddish.   A winter 2011 project. 

FYI because I know if anyone ever asks, I will have forgotten:

    -Chairs by Sam Moore, Inga model. 

      Rug is by Fieldcrest, Luxury Tapestry Wool Floral from Target

     Bee’s Wax paint by Sherwin-Williams

     Faux Wood blinds by Levelor,

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  1. I love Marlo’s expression in the photo. And she goes quite well with the new rug. I love the chairs, and how you’re mixing patterns. A fresh new room is a great idea as we head into late fall and winter.

  2. Love your new color, very warm and enveloping, but I loved the red, too. The chairs are in my favorite colors. Marlo is just the crowning touch……….so maybe I can move in with you for awhile when I get bored with my house………..Beautiful job, Debbie

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