Catching up on the count, part 2….228-248


I’ve complete a few mosaics recently:

I’ve had an idea to use bottle caps in mosaics for a while, in my never ending search for something new to glue to a board and grout!   I was given quite a wonderful collection of beer bottle caps by two very generous people.  Technical difficulties have slowed me down, though.  A couple of initial pieces were scrapped, but I am rather happy with this little mirror featuring Oberon beer caps, made right here in Michigan…Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo….I call it “You are my sunshine”…and now I think I have a better handle on how to use caps, the technique, the limitations. 

10-30-10 006

I’ve also made another “Key to my heart”, and this tobacco brown grout is my new favorite for these pieces:

10-30-10 005

A little mirror:

10-30-10 009

And my first Rooster….he’s definitely funky

10-30-10 008

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