Catching up on the count, part 1….228-248


Much to show you….first are the table runners, they are featured in the past couple of posts. 

I’ve completed 4 of them……I am using my fabric stash here, a drop in the bucket: 

10-24-10 010

Two of this one:

10-24-10 004

And a smallish topper:

10-24-10 007

Simple strip piecing, letting the patterns speak for themselves. 

I love these things in my house.  Which probably explains why I like making them so much.  Besides being able to play with color while making them, I love the punch of color they provide in my home.  I’ve put one on my dining room table, the coffee table in the living room, on the bench on the porch, in the summer I use several outdoors. I also put a hanging mechanism on the middle one,  to hang on the end of a cupboard, a long narrow wall, a door. 

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