Catching up on the count, 3rd and final installment……228-248


Phew….its much easier to keep caught up.  Thanks for stickin’ with me! 

I’ve made quite a few new brooches….fabric on the left, leather on the right

10-30-10 003 10-30-10 002

Some supersized wool/leather brooches, perfect for a heavy coat, or on a purse….the buttons on these and the leather ones, above,  are all extra special…old metals, rhinestones, a moonglow glass button and a unique red celluloid button.  Each brooch can only be made once…..

11-3-10 003

And something new….rings….these are on an elastic band, one size fits most:

11-4-10 006 11-4-10 003 Of course, these are smaller than the pins..but for rings they are slightly oversize.  Very fun to wear!

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  1. You have been a very busy gal! All the items in parts I,II and III are beautiful. I especially liked the beer cap mirror.

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