Why limit the brooches to felt,  how about leather????

The first ones: 

.10-7-10 001        10-7-10 001

Here is a bad bad photo…I snapped this one in a real hurry just to document the pins………..These are all leather, except the top middle, which is wool felt, and over the top large.  Not one for the fainthearted….about 4” in diameter.  Notice the buttons…they are all really great ones. 

10-18-10 041

Wool/cashmere pastels……

10-18-10 066

Two more wool brooches, and one in brown leather…….

10-18-10 071

Here are my favorites, reds, with the middle one in leather…..

10-18-10 068

And I do have a life beyond making flower brooches, believe it or not! 

We had an overall good weekend, let me list the ways:

-First the weather was just beautiful, crisp but sunny

-On Saturday morning, I went to The Coffee Bean in downtown Plymouth to see Joan, Leann and Lynn’s show called “No Assembly Required”.  They are  mixed media assemblages that are just awesome.  Each of these three women have such different perspectives, interests,  and styles.  Lynn and Leann graciously met me there, and we had a good talk….along with hot apple cider laced with caramel….oh autumn, how I love you!  Check out their show, you will enjoy it. 

-Saturday afternoon, we towed Jeff’s tractor to a car/tractor show in Rochester Hills.  What I really loved about doing this was not the cars and tractors, but the fact that Jeff and I, got out and did something together.  Lately we’ve been all about the work and busyness ….these are not bad, but wandering a little, enjoying nature together was something we realized we have not been doing.    Gots to make the time!  

-Sunday was a good family day….cooked a pork roast….along with sautéed cabbage, onions and apples, and mashed potatoes.  Fall comfort food. 

10-18-10 052

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  1. The reds are my favorite too. May I have the one in the middle? I’ll send your packet of cards today.

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