October Wedding…..


An outdoor wedding and reception……chancy, eh.  Not if it was this Saturday. 

Steph and Derek had the wedding in their backyard…for Derek’s sister, Nicole and her Dave. 

10-9-10 028 Nicole was a nurse in Hawaii, where her heart still is. 

10-9-10 042

Dave is a great guy, so in love with Nicole….

10-9-10 076

There was food, music, horseshoes, a bonfire, lots of kids running around.  It was perfect, really….

10-9-10 101

And being one of Nicole’s favorite tunes, the bridesmaids choreographed a routine to Vanilla Ice’s  “The Ninja Rap” from one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies….lol……that’s Erica up front, Nicole and Derek’s sister, and that’s Steph, directly behind Erica .

10-9-10 105

10-9-10 111

Nic couldn’t help but join them….she and Dave really had a blast at their wedding.

What a great celebration it was!

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