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Jeff took off this weekend for the U.P.  for a little fishing and R & R.    This is quite different for us, as I’m usually the one that leaves him home, or we go together.  I’m glad he was able to take a few days off and not have a major project to accomplish.   But whenever I am left home alone for a few days, I feel compelled to undertake a “project”.   (Major or Minor.)  This weekend it was a major one….painting the living room.   But its done (thanks Patt for your help, I’d still be painting).  Goodbye Malaya Red, hello Bee’s Wax.  Unfortunately, Jeff took the “good” camera up north, and I am so spoiled that I can’t bear to take a photo with my little camera.  Photos will soon follow.  I am quite happy with the change….its glows in here! 

On another subject, I also spent alot of time mosaicing this weekend too.  (Nothing ready to show you).   I was happily nipping away at shards of glass when a little piece shattered and flew under my glasses and into my eyeball.  Luckily, very luckily, it bounced back off…(at least that is what I surmise).  I definitely felt it hit, and for the next 24 hours my eye felt like it had something in it, and was watering like crazy.   But its fine now.  So, mosacians, let this be a warning….wear those safety glasses.   Jeff gave me a pair of bifocal safety glasses, if I could only find them, I would use them!  In the meantime, I will be wearing a pair over my glasses. 

I would also like to say that my mom and dad are forever full of surprises.    Mom has always been busy keeping an extremely clean house, and also has her hands full with caring for my dad, who is confined to a wheelchair.  She has knitted for years, and sang, and played the organ and piano at church, but she has started something that I would never ever have expected her to do!  Are you ready…..she has started to draw and watercolor!   And she is including my dad in on her adventure.  Can you see them, both sitting at the kitchen table working away with their pencils and paints???   Never in a million years would I have expected this sight.   Mom  says she is just a kindergartener when it comes to painting, but I think she is doing fantastic.  I admire her for trying something new.   Here is a little glimpse of a painting in progress……


Well, that’s about it for now….have a good day and thanks for reading my rather long and random  post. 

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  1. I’m so delighted that your mom has taken up watercolors!! You should join her! Oh, wait, that would have to fit in between the brooches, embroidery, and mosaics. Maybe wait a few years.

  2. Be careful with the eyeballs!! I wore safety glasses over my regular glasses when I worked. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world but it did the job.

  3. I see where you get your talent. I love this little watercolor! Amazing woman to take up something new. You go, Mom!

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