Some lovely person referred to my “pins” as “brooches”  What is the difference?????  I always thought a brooch was to a pin as a vas is to a vase.….a supped up fancy version of the lesser.  A quick Google search enlightened me:   A brooch is simply an ornamental pin.  Pin being purely utilitarian, brooch being something more decorative.  So I guess my original description wasn’t too far off.  Pin=Safety Pin, Brooch=…..see below….

9-19-10 010

I’m seeing purple in the stores and catalogs….subtle shades that I quite like, which I’ve tried to capture here…..

9-19-10 012

And red is always a great accent color! 

9-23-10 008

I’m also experimenting with leather….recycled leather scraps….I working on some  new “brooches” featuring distressed leather and some of  my most special vintage buttons. 

5 responses »

  1. I am LOVING all of your cool buttons!!!!
    You have been busy as a squirrel!
    As always, I am drawn to the ones with whiskers.
    Very beautimous brooches, I still love the one you gave me best!

  2. All of them are gorgeous and you have certainly captured the fashionable purples, but the reds really call to me. I dibs the one in the bottom left hand corner. Trade you for a set of note cards. OK?

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