Small batch production….but nonetheless, I have setup a mini assembly line.  I am making flower pins again, getting ready for several holiday events as well as stocking  the store.  Today I busied myself felting the many sweater purchases of Capri week.   Such gorgeous colors, can’t wait to work with them. 

Here are a few completed flowers:

9-11-10 006

During the month of August, (aka:Party Month), I acquired many cool vintage buttons to add to my collection.  I went to antique and resale shops mostly, the hunt for buttons is as fun as using them.  Its really great to actually have a reason for collecting vintage buttons.  I could easily be a hoarder of these lovelies(okay, maybe I am already).  

One day, a couple weeks ago a customer whom I had never met came in and introduced herself…Patricia.  She had purchased a flower the prior week, and noticed the old buttons I used on my pins.  She further explained that her mother was a seamstress….and  had passed away fairly recently.  Patricia then explained that she went through her mom’s buttons with my pins in mind, and gave me a bulging bag full of them!  

9-14-10 009

Patricia, thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness!  There are some real beauties in the collection, and I have put a couple of them to use already. 

And one more thing……During our talk, I discovered Patricia offers vegetarian and macrobiotic cooking in her client’s homes.  I love her  website (and I think you will too) and would love to try her cooking….something to file away for future reference. 

2 responses »

  1. How thoughtful of Patricia!
    Loving the new pins!
    The button of the gold one on top looks so familiar. Either my Mom or I had a button like that on something.


  2. Love the new pins. What a great surprise, getting all of those old buttons. I’m green with envy!!!!!!!!

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