Mosacian meeting


The last couple of days have been spent mostly around my kitchen table……

9-2-10 mosaics 001

And the island….

9-2-10 mosaics 003

The counters are filled with boxes of glass, and don’t dare walk on my kitchen floor barefoot. 

We are having a productive, engaging and fun time….

Here are a few progress photos:

Patrice’s mystery project is almost ready to grout…..

9-2-10 mosaics 009 

Kelly’s Canadian penny bowling ball is finished…..

9-2-10 mosaics 010

Lisa’s triptych of flowers…..

9-2-10 mosaics 016

Kelly’s mirror frame, another completed project for her! 

9-2-10 mosaics 019

9-2-10 mosaics 017 Jackie’s photo frame

And we’ve initiated another tribal member, my neighbor Gloria…

The official initiation rite of starting with a blank board and filing it with shards of glass can be somewhat intimidating, but Gloria is doing just fine….

9-2-10 mosaics 014

Today everyone will finish and will be time to reclaim the kitchen space once again. 

What I really love  about “the breaking of the glass”  is the relaxed time together….time to just be with each other, the laughter, the conversations.  Time to appreciate our sameness, and our differences.  Its amazing what one can learn about another person, just by the way they go about their project.  And in turn, learn about oneself.    Just a couple more days before Lisa must return to Virginia, and we all return to our daily routines….I am so thankful we have this time together every so often. 

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