150-153, Fantasy Flowers

8-27-10 mosaic 013

My favorite doodling subject is flowers….fantastic flowers with glowing colors and outrageous features…curling tendrils, oversized leaves,  and heavyweight flowers that could never be supported by their stems. 

8-21-10 Harrisville 043

These ideas lend themselves very well to the brilliant colors of glass…

8-21-10 Harrisville 039

And I find them irresistible to make, especially in this tiny format.  These are about 4 inches square. 

I use Milliefiori, as accents.  Milliefiori  means “thousand flowers” in Italian….…..flowers within my flowers. 

8-21-10 Harrisville 016 

These (and others) are displayed and for sale at 212 Art Center in Saline during the month of September,

along with mosaics of my fellow Mosacians, Connie(aka, teacher)  and Kat and the Breaking Traditions Art Quilt  exhibit. 

Hope you can come and visit!


3 thoughts on “150-153, Fantasy Flowers”

  1. Fabulous. Love the Milliefiori accents with the glass. You have become quite the mosaic artist.

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