#148 and The Flying Pickles


This weekend was the long awaited getaway to Kat’s cottage in upper Michigan. 

Kat has a series of most excellent posts chronicling our days and activities…do check it out.

I am very happy about finishing this:

8-21-10 Harrisville 005   #148, a very cool quilt for a very cool  almost 2 year old boy, who will be entertained with his most favorite things…..cars, trucks, motorcycles, construction equipment, and tractors.    I told his mom that I wanted him to use this quilt right up…love it to death.  Then I will have an excuse to make him another with his next favorite obsession as a theme. 

So anyways….during the drive up north, we passed cucumber fields and a pickle factory.  Somehow, this got one of us thinking about a pickle plant explosion, and the sight of pickles shooting up into the air…..flying pickles, plummeting our car.   So for no other reason, we named our group of 5 the “Flying Pickles” for the weekend.    I think its perfect…random and a bit quirky.  Just like me. 

Meet The Flying Pickles……left to right…..me, Sandy, Kat, Kat’s handpainted totem pole, Karen and Babe: 

8-21-10 Harrisville 026

Here are  a few of my photos:

8-21-10 Harrisville 038 Clothesline filled with our painting and stamping experiments

Shoreline scenes….Lake Huron…..

 8-21-10 Harrisville 018 8-21-10 Harrisville 019

8-21-10 Harrisville 040

8-21-10 Harrisville 020

Everyone made a doll this weekend, except me….I was fixed on finishing the quilt….but these dolls are the keepers of all the good memories of a fun creative “Flying Pickle” weekend. 

8-21-10 Harrisville 024

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  1. I love the name Flying Pickles. Now, are they dill or kosher or sweet. I’d say dill. Your work looks fabulous.

  2. You were right, that almost 2 year old boy would have loved it over here last week!

    So glad you had fun! May The Pickles Fly again another trip!

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