U.P. Mosaics

These stones framing the mirror are so appealing, might have to make my own…created by Laurie:

8-8-10 up north 223

We all made some photo frames…these will find a home on my shelves filled with photos of a certain child I am fond of:

8-8-10 up north 213

I challenged myself to make an owl….

8-8-10 up north 214

Fantasy flowers……

8-8-10 up north 215

Laurie’s lizard….for her most beautiful outhouse….8-8-10 up north 216

More sweet creations by Laurie, using Jeff’s sea glass, and crash glass……..

8-8-10 up north 217


8-8-10 up north 218 8-8-10 up north 219 8-8-10 up north 220 8-8-10 up north 221 

Patt made good progress on the dreadlocks of her secret project…….

8-8-10 up north 207 

Of course, all have to be grouted yet…


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